Some of our completed projects are listed.

Εγκατασταση Υπόγειας Δεξαμενής Υγραερίου 1000 Λίτρων

Installation of a 1000 Liter Underground LPG Tank-94.jpg

Installation of Tank and Wall Mounted Liquid Gas Boiler13_1.jpg

Εγκατάσταση Δικτύου Αεριου σε Ψητοπωλείο


Installation of a Wall Mounted Boiler with an Array of Propane Cylindersπτρ.jpg

Study of Active Fire Protection in a Store of Health Interestελεκ.jpg

Gas Installation in a Hotel Kitchenξυρ.jpg

Installation of a 5000 Liter LPG Tank in a 500,000 kcal/h Dryer4_1.jpg

Installation of a Wall Mounted Condensing Boiler with an Array of Propane Cylinders for independent Heating and DHW. in an apartment building12_1.jpg

Maintenance of an Industrial LPG Network in a Factory5_1.jpg

Installation of a 500 Liter LPG Tank in a RestaurantΡΥΘ.jpg

Gas Boiler Setup and Emissions Check Sheet2_1.jpg

Supply and Installation of Built-in Stoves and Gas Oven

Buderus Wall Mounted Boiler Setup3_1.jpg

Conversion of Oil Boiler to LPG

LPG Installation With Bottles


Heating Installation With 1000 Liter Tank


Supply and Installation of Professional LPG Equipment in a Steakhouse 


Heating Installation With 500 Liter Tank And External Wall Mount ARISTON GENUS ONE NET EXT 

Installing THERMOGATZ Built-in Gas Stove