The network, to serve users, provides them with the possibility to pay for their order in any of the following ways:


The user's credit card is charged when the order is shipped on the date the order form is completed and submitted. The credit card that the visitor - user will use to pay for services - purchase products from the website, is charged only once and only for the specific transaction each time. The website is not responsible for the terms of use of personal data adopted by the financial institutions with which it cooperates for the completion of commercial transactions and/or for any fault thereof.

B. By bank deposit.

You can make your payment to one of the following bank accounts:

PIRAEUS: GR7401725080005508058996876

NATIONAL BANK: GR7601104510000045100641575

ALPHA BANK:GR6401403290329002789001147


VIVA WALLET:GR6370100000000760535961646


In this case, the user must send by email to the copy of the bank deposit order in order to execute the order of the products.

The price of each sale product is listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product. The wholesale prices do not include VAT.

For any regions of Greece where reduced VAT rates apply, then the prices of the products are charged according to the reduced VAT. In this case, wholesale users should contact the company for the issuance of the relevant tax information.

The network prices do not necessarily represent the retail or wholesale prices of the company's store at Pyrgos Ilias, 76 Patron Street.

The network company reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.

C. Cash on delivery.

Pay the carrier or our company's employee upon delivery of your order to your location. The payment method by cash on delivery applies to the cities of Greece.

D. TBI Bank (3-60 installments without card & 100% online)

By choosing TBI Bank as a payment method, you are transferred to the secure environment of TBIBank. Follow a process and then you will be able to buy the products of your choice with financing, defining the duration and amount of your installments. Learn more at Buy Now, Pay Later, BNPL, Flexible Financing - TBI Bank.

E. In our Store

Finally, you can make your payment in our store when you receive the products in cash or with your credit/debit card.